HH - Milk Paint - Algonquin - 50gr

Article number: 03.20.0029.0050

Algonquin - A dark taupe, with undertones of soft warm coco. 

Milk Paint is a natural paint made with 5 ingredients. Lime, Chalk, Clay, Casein (Milk protein) and Pigments. It is an ancient paint formula! A version of this paint can be found in cave drawings and the Pyramids. 

Milk paint is a natural, eco-friendly and sustainable way to paint your home and furniture. It's also easy to use and produces an amazingly durable finish that enhances the character of any surface. The milk protein in it acts as a binding agent for the pigment particles that provide colour, creating a smooth texture with low flat sheen. Milk paint can be used on furniture, walls or wood surfaces, but is best suited for absorbent materials such as raw wood, plaster and drywall because of its water-sensitive properties on furniture and other surfaces that may come into contact with water this paint needs to be sealed with a topcoat.

Mixing Milk Paint

It really is a simple paint to use and mix! Just add equal parts water and powder and stir for a few minutes. The powder will absorb into the water and you will be left with a table cream consistency. It isn't as thick as regular paint but the coverage is exceptional. For a wash or stain look, add more water 1 part powder to 3 parts water. For textured and crackled effect mix a little thicker than the 1-1.

How to get the Chippy look

Milk Paint is famous for its 'Chippy' look, this happens when the paint is applied to a previously painted surface without sanding. It chips off in certain areas creating this time worn authentic look. No other paint on the market can achieve this. 

To achieve a chippy look on a prepped or raw wood surface you can just add a little salad bowl wax or Hemp Oil or our Beeswax black to certain areas of your project that you'd like the paint to chip. 

To avoid chipping on your furniture just prep well with TSP and scuff sand the surface, if the surface is shiny add some bonding agent into your first coat of mixed milk paint.

If you have chipping and you like it but want to prevent it from continuing to chip, just coat it with out Tough Coat or Stain and Finishing oil to seal it in.

Sealing Milk Paint

Sealing Milk Paint is the final step of the painting process. It helps protect your furniture from spills and stains, as well as prolonging its life. There are a few different methods to seal milk paint that you can choose from including our natural Hemp Oil, our waxesStain and Finishing Oil and even out Tung Oil. For Milk Painted walls you don't need to seal at all!

Homestead House milk paints are biodegradable!

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